Roof Repair or Replacement?

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Roofing

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If your roof is experiencing issues such as letting precipitation into your home and coming apart during wind storms and thunderstorms, you may be wondering whether you need roof repair services or roof replacement services. Learn the difference between roof repair and replacement in Dickinson, TX and elsewhere below.

Roof Repair Services

These services are utilized when the vast majority of your roof is intact and keeping out the elements as intended. It is usually just one small section of your roof, such as few damaged or missing shingles in a particular area, that need attention and repair. When such an issue arises, provided the rest of the roof is in good to great shape, repair services will likely lead to your roof being in pristine shape again so that the elements do not get into your home.

Roof Replacement Services

More extensive roof replacement services are required when most of your roof is not doing the job intended. In other words, much of your roof is either letting in the elements into your home or there is noticeable damage to much of your roof. There are shingles that are damaged or missing in multiple areas of your roof, so much so that a simple repair job to one or two small areas will not lead to the restoration of your roof and its ability to keep out the precipitation and wind from your home.

A quality roofing company will be able to properly assess the level of service your roof will need to ensure it can keep your family safe and dry within your home. This is why picking the best roofing company is key to ensuring your roof does what it was intended to do.