Roof Installation in St Paul Must Be done Properly

The very best roofing materials will not last or perform well if they are not installed correctly. A roofer who cuts corners on materials and labor does the homeowner a real disservice. When storms come and the roof is not installed correctly, it will be more easily damaged. Any money saved by using an unskilled roofer will be lost when the roof fails and must be replaced. Take a little time to find a good exterior remodeling contractor who is licensed and insured for the installation of each product they sell. Get references and look for customer ratings.

Roof Installation

The customer should be able to work with the roofing contractor to pick the roofing material that is best for their home. Once the best roofing material is chosen, the roof needs to be prepared and the new roof installation in St Paul properly done. The old roofing should be removed. Then, the roof deck should be inspected and repaired as needed. Any rotted areas should be removed and new material patched in. All the areas around the chimney, vents, and roof valleys or angles should be sealed with flashing. The roofing materials should be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

There should be the correct overhang at the roof edges and the roof peaks should have the proper roofing caps. The roof needs to provide a waterproof layer that will stand up to high winds, snow, rain, and all weather conditions without developing leaks. Scheduling is also very important. The roof installation in St Paul should be accomplished on consecutive days without downtime where the open roof is vulnerable to weather conditions.

Some companies have separate crews for removing the old roof and installing the new roof, making scheduling critical. The installation should follow the removal without open days between. Days with no roofing can be dangerous when storms are predicted. Then when the roof is complete, the old roofing and waste from the new roof should be removed by the roofing company.

What About A New Gutter System

When a new roof is installed, it is a good idea to replace the old damaged gutter system with a new one. New gutter systems do a better job of managing roof runoff during storms. The gutter system helps protect the edges of the roof, the siding, the home’s windows, and the foundation. Click here for more information.