Roof Fall Protection Anchor: Two Basic Types

Construction is a risky and physically demanding job. In construction, staying safe should always be paramount. This is where fall protection systems are important. An anchor is a very important component of a fall protection system. A roof fall protection anchor is the means through which the fall protection system is supported. It connects to a lifeline or lanyard, providing a secure connection – an anchorage when the worker is performing whatever roofing tasks are required.

Two Basic Types

Anchors must be the right type for the work. Since they are part of a fall protection system designed to stop a person from hitting the ground if there is a fall from a height, it is also imperative to install them correctly. Two basic types of roof protection anchors available for roofing and other applications are:

  1. Permanent Roof Fall Protection Anchors: As the name indicates, these are installed permanently on a roof. They are designed to be an integral component of the structure. A roof fall protection anchor of this type is produced to meet specific design and load requirements. It is essential to meet the demands of certain rooftop construction projects or to handle the need for regular inspection, maintenance and repair of other tasks.
  2. Temporary or Reusable Roof Fall Protection Anchors: These are not permanent in their application. They often are attached or connected to a structure or other building according to specific instructions. Some types of reusable roof anchors are nail-on or wire rope slings.

Choosing a Roof Fall Protection Anchor

No matter what type of anchor a worker and employer choose, it has one major purpose: to protect the worker from a hazardous fall. It is up to the employer to work in conjunction with the various invested bodies to make certain the roof fall protection anchor is the right one for the job. That said, a high-quality anchor, properly installed according to instructions and legal protocol, will always accomplish this.

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