Ro-an Bag Machines Parts at the Ready

Ro-an bag machines have been among the most trusted machines in the converting and bag-making industry for decades. While the company has gone through changes, Ro-an quality is still in production today, and the older Ro-an machines continue to perform admirably in service. Even so, these are intricate machines, and the need does arise from time to time to repair them, and that’s where having a good supply and supplier for equivalent OEM Ro-an bag machines parts is so important.

About Ro-an

Ro-an began in 1967 in Middle Village, New York. Their specialties since then have included the creation of Polystar side weld machines, Polyeagle bottom seal machines, Freedom Series pouch making equipment, automatic wicketing systems and other bag making machines. Ro-an was acquired by Thiele Technologies in October of 2009, and its products now help to make up their Hudson-Sharp line of bag converting machines.

The Inner Workings of a Ro-an Bag Machine

While there are different styles and varieties of Ro-an bag machines, most of them operate in a similar way. Raw material is pulled into the machine on a conveyer with rollers, then different stations of the machine perform different functions on the material. The material is often cut, welded, punched, folded and more. Some specialty stations might add reinforced handles or closures, or print graphics on the bag. At the end of the machine, there may even be a stacker.

Ro-an Bag Machines Parts

With all of the different processes contained in a bag machine, it stands to reason that quite a collection of these parts are involved. First, there is a motor to drive the process, with smaller parts like gears and gaskets in it, there are belts, pulleys and rollers to transfer power from the motor to the machine, and there are all of the parts needed to handle each individual process. Some process parts might include a heating element, blades, punches, printing equipment and more.

On top of all these parts, there are dozens of fasteners like screws and bolts holding everything together. Often a failure of even the smallest of these Ro-an bag machines parts can bring production to a screeching halt, so a smart producer of these bags will have spare parts on hand and a dependable spare part supplier on call.

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