Rigging Supplies – Crosby Rigging Equipment for the Most Challenging Lifts

Rigging supplies and equipment include such devices as sling shackles, wire ropes, lifting magnets, and master links. Rigging is performed to facilitate the secure preparation and performance of numerous types of lifting tasks including relocation of structures and material handling.

The various needs of many types of industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, pipelining, and mining can be handled through the use of the devices and parts available with Crosby rigging products and equipment.

Resourceful Rigging Supplies and Equipment
Various types of rigging equipment hardware are manufactured with top quality materials such as high tensile steel, alloy, and carbon to match various material applications and project specifications. These supplies are made with quality and safety at the forefront. Some of the different types of equipment and hardware available for rigging applications include:

 * Shackles, hooks and swivels
 * Wire rope end fittings
 * Blocks and sheaves
 * Wire rope clips and grip clips
 * Eye bolts
 * Crosby IP clamps (authorized repair center locations provided)
 * Swivel hoists
 * Chains and accessories
 * Western and marine blocks

Equipment That Uses Crosby Rigging Hardware
Various types of lifting equipment that are used to move loads such as beans, pipes, and plate utilize Crosby rigging products and hardware. Types of equipment that utilize this hardware for various rigging applications include:

 * Mobile crane trucks
 * Overhead shop cranes
 * Winches
 * Personal JIB cranes
 * Recovery vehicles

Other Benefits of Using Rigging Supplies and Equipment
A number of different resources are available in addition to the range of clamps, clips, fittings, and other accessories that are used in multiple industries and rigging tasks. These resources are intended to help the user apply these products in a more efficient and safe manner. Some of these resources include:

 * Rigging information
 * General information
 * Specialty products enabling adaptation to the unique needs and specifications of the user
 * Manuals and brochures consisting of product information
 * Equipment and hardware repair
 * On-site inspection of rigging equipment to ensure safe use and functionality, using strict and specific testing procedures and criteria.

Crosby rigging equipment and supplies are essential elements in many types of modern day lifting applications in various industries. If you need the rigging supplies for your current or upcoming projects, consider contacting a reliable and experienced supplier of these products serving your area.

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