Ridding A Home Of Ants Using Pest Control in Baltimore MD

When a home becomes overrun with ants, the owner will most likely want to take the steps necessary in removing them for good. Failing to remove ants promptly can lead to an infestation, making it more difficult to alleviate the problem. There are several methods a homeowner can use to get ants to vacate the property and stay away for good.

It is important to take the time to do a deep cleaning of the home as ants tend to stick around in areas where there is a constant food source. Make sure to wipe up all countertops with a vinegar solution after meal preparation to eliminate the smell of food. Ants will leave behind a scent for other ants to follow. Vinegar will mask the scent, making it hard for other ants to find food sources as a result. Make sure to vacuum carpets so no crumbs are left behind.

Ants will not cross a line of talc or chalk. To keep them from coming into a home, sprinkle one of these items along doorways and along windowsills. On the exterior of the home, fill in any cracks found on the walls or along the foundation. This can be done with an appropriate caulk. It is also important to seal any voids around windows or doors. Placing gravel along the perimeter of a home’s foundation is useful in keeping ants from getting too close as they tend to stay on grassy surfaces.

In the home, a service that uses Pest Control in Baltimore MD can be beneficial. They will treat the home with an appropriate agent to kill any ants that are present within the walls. They can also add a pest control solution to the exterior of the home to help keep ant population at a minimum.

If someone wants to learn more about how to rid the home of ants, they can call a company seasoned in using Pest Control in Baltimore MD. A service like Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. will come to the home to evaluation the situation and can start administering killing agents right away if desired. Call today for service if needed.

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