Revolutionary New Hearing Solutions in Lancaster, PA

Many patients of all ages have difficulty hearing. Although conventional hearing aids provide an adequate results in some situations, they are no longer the only hearing solutions in Lancaster, PA. Developments in modern technology have both improved the size, comfort, and effectiveness of conventional hearing aids and provided alternatives for those who find that they simply aren’t right for them.

Elderly patients often have a hard time placing conventional hearing aids and keeping track of them while they are not in use. Lyric hearing aids are a perfect solution to this problem, as they are inserted directly into the ear canal by a trained professional and are worn for two to four month periods without the need to take them out. In addition to removing the need for fiddling with hearing aids, replacing batteries, and keeping track of them while they are not in use the Lyric system also provides a solution for those who do not feel comfortable wearing a visible hearing aid, as they fit entirely into the ear canal and are invisible to outside observers.

Wireless hearing aids are designed specifically with those who suffer from one-sided hearing in mind. This form of partial deafness, often present from birth, used to be irremediable. With wireless hearing aids, all sound can be transferred to the functional ear, making it much easier to follow conversations and enjoy movies and music. The battery life for both these and other more traditional hearing aids has also seen drastic improvements in recent years, lasting as much as 30% longer than before.

Previously patients who suffered from blockages or damage to the outer or middle ear were unable to reap the benefits of improved hearing. With cochlear implants, this is no longer the case. These are devices that are surgically implanted using osseointegration and bypass the blockages by transmitting sound in the form of a digital code to the implant where it converts the sound into electrical impulses. These impulses are interpreted by the hearing nerve just like normal sound.

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