Reviewing Possibilities With Child Custody Lawyers In Centerville, OH

In Ohio, couples determine child custody arrangements as part of the divorce process. If they cannot arrive at an agreement, the court schedules a child custody hearing. During the hearing, each side presents their preferences. A child advocate lawyer is often assigned for the children to help them enforce their own rights. Child Custody Lawyers in Centerville OH provide insight into these hearings and options for each parent.

Joint Custody Arrangements

Joint custody arrangements provide both parents with the power to make decisions for the child. They work together to make determinations about where the child attends school and what doctor provides medical care. These arrangements provide equal time for each parent to the child. The arrangements may provide alternating weeks in which each parent has custody of the child.

Sole Custody Arrangements

Sole custody arrangements are assigned when a parent poses risks to the child. Typically, the risks are associated with the parent’s lifestyle or addiction. These custody arrangements provide only one parent with decision-making authority. The assignments provide the non-custodial parent with visitation every other weekend. In some cases, supervised visitation is required.

Dividing Time with the Children

The custody arrangements divide time with the children based on where each parent lives. If they don’t live in the same state, the court may provide one parent with custody of the child during the school year. This provides the other parent with custody throughout the entire summer. Holidays are split or alternated to provide time for each parent with the child.

Deployments and Special Circumstances

Military service members must follow a stricter plan if they are active-duty. Typically, the service member must acquire a parenting plan for deployments and training missions. This allows an assigned family member to gain visitation with the child when the service member would normally have the children.

In Ohio, couples must follow child custody arrangements after a divorce. The arrangements are determined by the couple or through a court hearing. Parents who need assistance from Child Custody Lawyers in Centerville OH can Contact Business Name and set up an appointment today.