Reviewing Claims for Personal Injury in San Antonio

In Texas, personal injury claims are filed by patients who were wronged by their doctor. The circumstances of these claims may vary; however, they come down to an error caused by the doctor who failed to provide high-quality health care. The following is a review of claims for personal injury in San Antonio.

What Is a Medical Malpractice?

A medical malpractice is a failure by a medical doctor to provide a duty to their patients. The issue could be associated with a surgical procedure. It could also be connected to a failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition at an earlier stage. The doctor may also provide the wrong medication and cause the condition to worsen.

What Circumstances Make the Doctor Liable?

The doctor is liable based on their choices. If a doctor chooses not to follow proper surgical protocol, they could produce an error. The error could present an injury that lead to an irreversible condition that has a negative impact on the patient’s life. Additionally, if the doctor failed to follow updated procedure steps such as using more advanced testing equipment, they are liable based on their personal preferences.

What Type of Monetary Award Is Provided?

The doctor could face a payment for all medical expenses related to the condition produced. They may also be required to pay funeral expenses if the patient dies. The court can impose punitive damages to punish the doctor for their wrongdoing.

Can the Doctor Lose Their License?

The doctor could lose their license based on the patient’s injuries. They could also lose it if the case presents evidence of malice. Any circumstances that the doctor acted on their own personal beliefs due to a prejudice against the patient can also lead to revocation of their medical license.

In Texas, personal injury claims are filed when a patient is injured. These medical malpractice cases are based on the doctor’s failure to provide high-quality health care. These circumstances could produce an injury that can affect the patient’s life in a lasting and negative manner.

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