Reviewing A Dog Attack Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Luzerne County, PA

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks are likely to produce serious injuries. In some cases, it is possible for the victim to lose limbs, become disfigured, or even die. For these reasons, the state enforces laws for mitigating risks associated with dogs to prevent neighbors and visitors from becoming injured. A Personal Injury Attorney in Luzerne County PA provides legal assistance for victims of a dog attack.

Reviewing the Circumstances of the Attack

The circumstances of the attack must also be evaluated. It must be determined if the victim broke the law or not prior to the attack. Any victim that is guilty of a criminal act that led to the dog attack won’t receive compensation for their injuries. The most common offenses linked to a dog attack is a home invasion, trespassing, and cruelty to animals.

Reporting the Animal to the Animal Control Officer

The victim must report the animal to the county animal control officer. The officer can take immediate action against the pet owner. The officer presents the pet owner with a notification for a quarantine requirement. The officer will either visit the home to provide the notification or send it through the mail.

Quarantine Requirements After an Attack

The quarantine period lasts up to twelve days following the notice. The owner must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for an assessment. The dog must remain at the vet’s office throughout the quarantine period. The vet reports back to the animal control officer once the quarantine period ends.

Strict Liabilities in Dog Attacks

A strict liability is present if the dog attacked a human previously. The record of the attack is used to present this liability. It indicates that the pet owner knew the dog was dangerous and didn’t take action.

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks could become fatal in some cases. In others, the victim could suffer life-altering effects that could lead to a permanent disability. For these reasons, the victim must take legal action against the dog owner. Victims who need help contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Luzerne County PA through The Law Office of Robert D. Elias right now. You can also visit them on Google+.