Restroom Design Is Under The Spotlight

It is only in the last few years when public restroom maintenance has become a hot topic. With the increased level of public awareness of infectious viruses such as MRSA and H1N1, restroom cleanliness has come under scrutiny. Facilities managers today are assessing the design, operation and maintenance of public facilities in an attempt to address these and other concerns.

With the increase in public awareness and the need to minimize exposure of the public to infections from public restrooms, terms like “hands free” and “touchless” are now commonly used. It is now well known that no one wants to come into direct contact with any surface that has been touched by hands that are laden with bacteria. Today, a touchless restroom hand dryer, hands free faucets and soap dispensers are being employed to overcome the need to touch any surface in a public restroom.

Proper hand washing with soap and water, coupled with a sanitary drying method, is extremely important in fighting the spread of disease; especially in high traffic public areas such as schools, restaurants, doctor’s offices and food prep areas.

Consumers demand sanitary conditions:

Consumers today are very aware of bacteria and associated diseases. If consumers have a choice they will always gravitate towards facilities that reduce the risk of contamination caused by bacteria left behind by others. Any facility that provides a public restroom is faced with rethinking their restroom strategy, they must eliminate products that require “touch” and replace them with products that are hands free. By providing users with as few touch points as possible, the possibility of cross contamination is reduced to the minimum.

Touch free restroom design is important for consumers and customers, it is also important for those charged with the responsibility of maintenance. Used paper towels are a source of bacteria, when they are eliminated the cost of restroom maintenance goes down and the risk of exposure to infection goes down as well. This is just one more reason why a rest room hand dryer has become the dominate way of providing everyone with superior hygiene.

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