Restoring Range Of Motion With Asheville Physical Therapy

Recovery after an injury, surgery, or health condition can be complex. This is true for people of any age, including kids, adults, and seniors. As the joint and surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments heal, the range of motion is decreased. Over time, if the individual does not focus on increasing the range of motion or the ability to move the joint, the loss of ability to move the joint can become permanent. 

It can also lead to a greater risk of re-injury of the same joint or area of the body. This is most common with ankle, knee, hip, and arm and shoulder injuries where a range of motion is required for everyday activities. Range of motion limitations can also impact the neck, creating pain in turning the head or moving the head up and down. 

The Importance Of Physical Therapy 

Working with an Asheville Physical Therapy provider is the best way to ensure the range of motion is restored after an injury, disease, or procedure. Working with a physical therapist ensures the exercises are appropriate and designed to stretch, strengthen, and restore joint function naturally. 

For most patients in the Asheville area, physical therapy includes structured time with the physical therapists, where the range of motion is assessed and custom exercises completed. In addition, expect to have short, manageable exercises at home to continue to gently and safely build function and joint mobility. 

At the same time, the physical therapist helps you learn how to avoid re-injury to your body. Learning how to prevent future problems helps to reduce the risk of ongoing joint mobility issues and allows you to live an active, pain-free life.

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