Responsive Web Design: How Can it Improve Your Website?

As computing devices continue to diversify, it’s important to ensure your web assets meet modern demands. While many companies have created smartphone-specific versions of the websites, there’s another option available: responsive web design. Here are a few of the advantages of responsive design over other techniques.

Support All Devices

Desktop and laptop browsers have larger screens than smartphones and most tablets, but web pages that work well on large screens often look bad on smaller devices. Furthermore, smart devices have touch screens instead of mice and touchpads. With responsive web design Denver, CO businesses can use, scaling to new screen sizes is automatic. Furthermore, clickable elements can scale to an appropriate size.

A Single Code Base

While running a desktop or laptop site along with a mobile-optimized site can work, it also requires managing two separate design and code bases. Although Denver, CO responsive web design requires more work up front, the long-term costs drop since changes on the site will show up on all devices. It can be easy to forget to keep information up-to-date with two code bases, and the simplified nature of responsive design prevents this possibility.

Future-Proofing Your Website

Predicting what devices users will have in the future is a challenge, and changing a website to support new types of devices can be time-consuming. With responsive web design in Denver, CO, your website will automatically note the size and aspect ratio of the device accessing it and adjust accordingly. Some tweaks might be needed to optimize performance, but your code base will be easy to adjust.

Few experts predicted that smartphones would eventually outpace desktops and laptops, and many were skeptical of the tablet concept. Fortunately, responsive web design makes supporting these new types of devices easy, and it provides a flexible way to support whatever the future of computing brings.

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