Residential Water Filtration Systems in Mullica Hill, NJ Remove Impurities

Water can contain minerals, sediment, chemicals, and other impurities, even if it is treated – contaminants that can cause water to taste or smell bad or can endanger a person’s health. By filtering water, you can remove impurities, improve the taste of the water, and lengthen the life of water-using appliances.

For example, residential water filtration systems in Mullica Hill, NJ are used to remove sediment from water. Sedimentation can cause an unpleasant taste in the water supply. The same filtration may also be used to reduce the mineral content in water. For example, minerals such as iron, calcium, or manganese may not be hazardous to people’s health. However, they can cause water to taste metallic. The presence of these minerals can also cause stains on sinks and clothing.

Removing Harmful Parasites or Bacteria

Residential water filtration systems are also used to remove harmful parasites or bacteria from a water supply. For example, giardiasis, when it is present in water, can cause diarrhea, which can last a little over a month. This illness results from consuming water that contains human or animal feces. Cryptosporidium is yet another parasite that can cause digestive disturbances. Cryptosporidium, which is resistant to chlorine, can be filtered out of the water using micro or nano-water filtration.

Removing Chemicals and Compounds

Most municipal water companies use chlorine to treat water supplies, as this approach is more affordable. However, chlorine also causes water to smell or taste unpleasant. By using residential water filtration systems, homeowners can remove this chemical from their water supply. Other contaminants that can be removed through filtration include lead and pesticides. Volatile organic compounds can also be eliminated when filtration is employed.

Make a Call and Enjoy a Fresher Water Supply

If you would like to learn more about installing a filtration system in your home, contact us for further details today. The sooner you install a system, the sooner you can start enjoying a fresher and healthier water supply.

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