Residential Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA

Pest damage is a serious issue for any homeowner. Rats and other small rodents can make small spaces their home. They tend to chew through softer materials and leave droppings wherever they go. Insects can borough into the walls. Termites are especially harmful to a home. Wood-eating insects are known to cause extensive damage that can cost thousands of dollar to repair. With the help of a professional Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA homeowners can avoid infestation and prevent damage that could be very expensive to repair. With regular treatments, homeowners can prevent infestations and remove insects or pest animals that have already made their way into the home. These treatments may vary per household depending on what kinds of pests are present.

Insects usually require that the service provider visits once every two weeks for the first month or two. More frequent visits will remove the initial infestation. Once the majority of pest insects are removed from the home monthly treatments will be the norm. Pest animals may require a completely different kind of treatment. Traps and bait may be needed to lure the animals out of hiding. Once the pests are removed repellants can be used to prevent reentry. Fumigation may be needed for some pests. For some pests, the treatment may not be safe for children or pets, so a vacation may be in order until the fumigation is complete. These kinds of treatments are usually only used in the most extreme cases.

When some pests infiltrate the home they cause damage that might require repairs. Mold and mildew often follow some pest animals. This kind of growth can be harmful to family members. By contacting the PMSI Mold Treatment Division. Removing mold and mildew and preventing future growth is important for the safety of everyone in the home. These treatments are usually safe and can be used around pets and children. For more information about Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA homeowners can contact their local service provider and schedule a visit and evaluation to reveal any hidden infestation or damage caused by pest animals and insects.

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