Reside in Style at this Staple Luxury Chicago Hotel

There’s something exciting about temporarily staying in a place away from home. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident visiting this beautiful city, there is a place that tops a number of luxury hotels in Chicago lists.

London House Chicago has devoted itself to providing high-class hospitality for over a century. Sure, you’ll probably spend the majority of your time discovering one of the biggest cities in the country. After a long day of immersing yourself in the culture of the Windy City, it’s calming to know you’re returning to a place that focuses on making you feel at home.

With over 450 rooms and 22 stories, you get a first row seat to Chicago’s world-renowned architectural scenery.

Service doesn’t get better than at the London House. If you’re hungry, you’ll be served by members of some of the best available culinary programs. The same applies to the hospitality staff you encounter. They ensure that you get more than beautiful views and a gorgeous interior.

Want to get some private time without roaming the city streets? Take advantage of their rooftop dining and drinks. Decided to take a vacation on your own? Eating on the rooftop may allow you to make some new friends.

You should always travel in style. Treat yourself to one of the luxury hotels in Chicago visitors and locals swear by. To learn more about their amenities and to book a trip, be sure to contact London House Chicago today.

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