Requirements for Firearms in Amarillo, TX

With the alarming rise of crime throughout various cities in the United States, people have been given a reason to increase their chances of protecting themselves by purchasing firearms. There are many types of firearms available for the average citizen today. Some buy handguns while others buy shotguns or rifles. While the restrictions to have a firearm are minimal, there are some things to be aware of about firearms, depending on the state. There is a pawn shop that sells firearms in Amarillo TX. These are some basic things all residents of Texas should know about firearms and ownership.

The age requirement to purchase a firearm is 18, which is the requirement in most places. As long as the buyer does not have a felony on his or her record, there should be no problem. Firearms are not required to be registered in Texas, and there is no waiting period to purchase a gun. Those who wish to buy a gun must have a valid state-issued identification card, however. If a person from another state wished to purchase a gun, he or she would need a Texas ID.

Texas allows gun owners to carry a pistol or other handgun on their person, as long as the weapon is concealed. Rifles or shotguns do not have to be concealed, but they must not pose a threat to others. Other types of firearms are allowed to be purchased freely as well. This includes machine guns, short-barreled weapons and semi-automatic weapons. Texas also places no restrictions on how many rounds a gun owner can have in the magazine. Understanding these basic rules, the able-bodied citizen is able to go in and purchase a gun without hesitation.

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