Repurposing Used Automotive Parts in Pasadena TX for Home and Outdoor Decor

One intriguing but uncommon purpose for Used Automotive Parts in Pasadena TX is to decorate a den or a residential garage. The person who wants to create this type of space may have specific components in mind to hang on the wall and even to build into useful items like tables and lamps. This individual may be particularly fond of a certain vehicle brands, or certain models of cars or pickup trucks. All it takes is some imagination to get started.

Wall Decor

Emblems from those favorite vehicles can be placed on walls around the room. Someone who has numerous favorites might keep one space for Mustangs, one for Camaros and another for Chargers. They could be interspersed with photos of these cars and related imagery.


A transmission can be turned into a table with a round top and bottom. An engine can be cleaned up and set on the floor with a flat clear top adhered to it for another table.

Bathroom Sinks

Interestingly enough, Used Automotive Parts in Pasadena TX can even be used in a bathroom for an entirely unusual design. People have repurposed tires into sink basins, for example. They can be painted if desired. A pickup truck bed can be converted to include a countertop and sink.

Outdoor Ideas

Something not often seen is a barbecue grill made from the front end of a favorite vehicle, including, of course, the grill. That’s an attention-getter in the neighborhood, and guests will be impressed. A bench seat can be turned into a porch swing or patio furniture.

Buying Parts

There are many photo galleries online where people can jumpstart their ideas if they’re not sure where to begin or if they need a shot of creativity. They’ll find assistance in figuring out how to bring their concepts into reality. Once someone has some possibilities in mind, a call or a trip to a shop such as Apache Auto Parts is the next step. This type of store is especially useful because not only do they sell their own inventory, they go the extra mile in tracking down specific parts that customers need.