Replacing Glass in Santa Clarita CA

When someone has a unique-shaped window pane in their home that has a crack in the pane, there will be a need to replace it so no one in the home gets injured. Going to a company that handles specialty cutting of Glass in Santa Clarita CA is best as they will be able to fit the new pane to the frame with ease. The homeowner can take measurements of the window opening and bring it to the company to have glass cut specifically for their window.

The old pane will need to be removed from the pane after the new piece of glass is obtained. This can be done by placing pieces of tape across the pane before tapping it with a hammer. This will help keep the glass from splintering to the floor as a result. A pair of tweezers can be used to remove any small slivers left behind along the frame area. The frame will need to be cleaned in its entirety to help remove any small particles that may not be seen by the eye. After the frame is dry, it will be time to try to put in the new pane of glass.

An extra pair of hands are needed when putting in new glass. They can stand on the opposite side of the window to help keep the pane from falling as it is adhered into place. Glass putty will work well at keeping the new pane from slipping out of the frame. This material is placed along each edge of the pane, slightly overlapping it over the frame in addition to the glass. Putty will need to be put on all sides of the pane, on both sides of the frame. When the putty dries, the glass will be safely contained.

When someone wants a new piece of Glass in Santa Clarita CA to make this type of replacement for their own window, they can contact a professional glass company in the area. Take a trip to Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company with dimensions for the project and allow them to construct the perfect piece of glass for the project.

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