Repairs, Merchandise Distribution and More: When a California Veteran Owned Company Does it Best

If you want a shipping company to get products and materials to their source as quickly as possible, you need to find one that is reputable, professional, and that understands the needs of their customers. When the customers happen to be members of the military, the easiest way ensure the company understands what they need is to have a company of veterans serving them.

This is a situation where a California Veteran Owned Company can operate better than anyone else in the trade. As members of the military themselves they have already proven their ability to act on a moment’s notice and be wherever they need to be in the world without question. More importantly they have made a commitment that other members of the military, people who are like family members to them, are ever going to have to do without.

Veterans understand that when an order is placed by the military, it needs to get there quickly without back-orders and without delay. It is not uncommon for those who place the orders to only be in a specific location for a certain length of time. The materials need to reach them when they are needed, not six months after someone has shipped out.

Coronado Distribution Co understands this because they are a California Veteran Owned Company. It is there mission to get to their customers everything they need, when they need it. They offer a complete distribution company with a staff that currently has over a century of combined naval experience. They offer service 24-hours a day so their customers can reach them whenever they are needed.

For products, customers will find a large inventory of office supplies, ship parts and tools. In addition to their product distribution, they also offer pre-INSURV checks to help ships prepare for their official inspection. Coronado also performs shipboard repairs to make it possible for ships to meet the requirements necessary to pass their inspections.

Contact Coronado today to learn more about what they carry and how quickly they can get it all to you. They have a long list of contracts and certifications, all of which are listed on their website. Find out more today.

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