Repairing Your Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Industry and manufacturing helped to build Aurora and turn it into the impressive modern city that you now call home; the over 150 manufacturers in the area today continue this grand tradition. Aurora has become a major distribution center for the area, producing and distributing necessities such as construction machinery, tools, steel products, electronics, and more. Those working in heavy industry know the importance of having and adequately maintaining well-functioning equipment, including a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora.

Hydraulic cylinders have many applications in the industrial and manufacturing realms. They are designed to apply an extreme amount of force to a surface using hydraulic pressure applied with a unidirectional stroke. Consisting primarily of the pistons and piston rods with sliding seals that compose the cylinder barrel, mounting attachment, motor, and hydraulic pump, there are a great many moving parts that need to be adequately maintained for proper use. In such a complicated system, something as minor as a leaky gasket or seal can cause complete mechanical failure.

With their common applications in steel and paper manufacturing, railroad maintenance, mobile trucks and equipment, construction, warehouse compactors, agricultural equipment, and so much more, it’s important that hydraulic cylinders function properly. If your essential equipment is experiencing mechanical failure, you won’t want to waste valuable work time with downed equipment; after all, the industry doesn’t wait. It’s best to seek professional help immediately.

Diagnosis of the problem often involves disassembly of the hydraulic cylinder and draining of the fluid just to allow access to the working parts to evaluate the damage. Piston rods can become bent or scratched; seals can go bad and allow leaks, lowering the overall system pressure necessary for the operation of the pump; it’s hard to evaluate the extent of damage and necessity for replacement parts. This along with the space, time, and equipment needed for disassembly, repair, and reassembly is why it’s so important to find an experienced repair technician to evaluate and work on your Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora.

If you’re looking to purchase new equipment, diagnose mechanical failures, or repair an existing problem in your hydraulic cylinder, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc to learn more about available services and capable repair technicians in your area.

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