Repairing A Crack In An Asphalt Patio And Additional Services Offered By An Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor In Worcester MA

A small crack in an asphalt patio can become larger if it is not filled in a timely manner. The following project will list steps that will assist with repairing a damaged section. Afterward, a coat of sealer can be applied to a paved surface by a property owner or by hiring an asphalt sealcoating contractor in Worcester MA.


• broom

• wire brush

• putty knife

• detergent

• water hose

• scrub brush

• bucket of cold asphalt patch

• small shovel

• trowel

• container of asphalt sealer

• paint tray

• paint roller

• handle and frame

• vinyl tarps

Cleaning An Asphalt Patio

Before a crack in a patio is repaired, asphalt needs to be swept with a broom in order to eliminate dirt or small pieces of asphalt. If there are small pieces of asphalt that are wedged in between sections of a patio, moving a wire brush swiftly over them will be helpful. A putty knife can also be inserted into a cracked area to help loosen pieces that are stuck. If asphalt is stained, soapy water and a scrub brush can be used to remove them. Once a patio is clean, spraying an asphalt surface with a water hose will eliminate asphalt fragments and soapy residue.

Filling A Crack And Sealing A Patio

Cold asphalt patch can be used to fill a crack. A small shovel or trowel can be used to administer patch. Once a damaged area is filled, if the surface of a patio is uneven, a putty knife that is moved over the section will assist with smoothing it out. Patch will require several hours to cure. Afterwards, a patio’s entire surface can be sealed in order to prevent damage from occurring again. Vinyl tarps that are draped over exposed parts of the property that are adjacent to a patio will protect them from being exposed to the sealer.

Sealer needs to be applied to clean asphalt with a paint roller that is moved across the pavement in straight lines. If a sealer is poured into a paint tray, it will make it easier for an individual to access it. Once sealer dries, an individual can walk on their patio in a normal manner. If any extensive repairs need to be completed or if a newly paved surface is desired, people can visit us on a company’s website to learn more about services or to speak to an asphalt sealcoating contractor in Worcester MA.

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