Repair Your Pipes Without Destroying Your Yard

If you are like most people who have underground plumbing problems, you probably assume that to repair the problem, you will have to tear up your yard and then deal with trying to re-landscape after your plumbing is fixed. Thanks to twenty-first century technology, trenchless pipe repair in Jonesboro is now available, and your pipes may be able to be repaired without disrupting your entire yard.

Before beginning, a reputable plumber will do a thorough inspection of your pipes using a specialized camera. After determining that lining your pipes is the appropriate solution to your problem, a hole may be dug to get down to where the repair needs to be done. Then, your pipes will be cleaned to ensure the new liner will adhere properly.

Next, a special tube made for lining your pipe will be placed inside of a calibration tube and filled with two-part epoxy. The tubes will then be run through some rollers that ensure the entire lining tube is saturated with the epoxy. The liner is the placed on ice to help slow the curing process of the epoxy.

After cooling, the liner is cuffed and placed on something called an ‘inversion head’ that will turn the liner inside out as it is inserted into the pipe. The calibration tube will then be on the inside of the liner tube and the epoxy-covered liner tube will be in direct contact with the old pipe. After a few hours of curing, the epoxy will be dry and any junctions in the pipe can be re-drilled to allow the plumbing to function properly again.

Trenchless pipe repair is estimated to save 30-40 % on repairs and is expected to last 50+ years. Not only does trenchless pipe repair in Jonesboro allow you to save money on the repairs themselves, but you may also save much more on landscaping because of the minimal disturbance to your yard.

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