Repair Issues: Water Heaters in Port Orchard WA

While a water heater will typically last around ten to twelve years, problems can begin to occur before the end of the lifespan. When water heater issues occur, homeowners need to seek the professionals for repairs right away. The following offers insight into some of the signs that may begin to occur when there are problems with Water Heaters in Port Orchard WA.

Problematic Water Heater Signs

Dealing with water heater issues can be a nightmare. Homeowners expect their hot water supply to be available at all times. The following are some of the common signs a homeowner needs repairs for their Water Heaters in Port Orchard WA.

  • A lack of hot water is often the first sign homeowners notice. The hot water may cease to exist entirely, or it may run out quickly. When this is happening, homeowners should call a plumber to repair the problem.
  • Homeowners may also notice their hot water heater begins to make strange noises while in operation. Clanging, banging, and whining can all begin to occur when there are problems with a hot water heater.
  • Yet another sign of problems is swelling. When the hot water heater begins to swell, it needs to be replaced. A swollen water heater is in danger of major leaks developing and could cause water damage.
  • A hot water heater that is releasing smelly and discolored water needs to be checked by a plumber. When the water is discolored and smelly, this likely means the lining is breaking down.
  • Homeowners may find their hot water heater is leaking. When water is pudding around the base of the hot water heater or dripping from the tank, the hot water heater needs to be checked. Repairs can sometimes be carried out to prolong the life of the heater.

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