Removing Damaged Branches And Services Offered By A Tree Service In Arlington

If a lightning storm caused damage to several limbs on an apple tree, removing damaged wood will promote healthy growth. The steps below describe how to use pruning shears and long-nosed clippers to remove branches that were struck by lightning. To complete a tree service in Arlington, a tree should be watered before applying a layer of wood chips or gravel around a trunk to help soil retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing.


• extension ladder

• basket

• pruning shears

• long-nosed clippers

• water hose

• wand attachment

• wood chipper

• mulch

• gravel

• large shovel

• hand shovel

• rake

Remove Fruit And Trim Ends Of Branches

If a fruit tree is fairly tall and damaged branches are not within reach, an extension ladder should be set up next to branches that need to be clipped. If apples are ripe and growing next to areas that will be trimmed, a basket can be use to collect fruit that is picked from a tree. A pair of pruning shears can be use to cut branches that are thick.

Each blade should be secured around a branch before pushing a tool’s handles together. If damaged branches are thin and intertwined between other branches, a pair of long-nosed clippers can be used to cut damaged sections. Long-nosed clippers are narrow and will fit in small spaces.

Cut Up Wood And Water A Tree Before Adding Chips Or Gravel

A wood chipper can be use to cut wood into smaller pieces that can be used to outline a tree. If an individual does not own a chipper, they can purchase a bag of mulch or gravel from a landscaping business. A wand attachment needs to be secured to a water hose. A wand can be adjusted so that a fine mist or strong stream of water is released from it.

Water should be sprayed evenly along the base of a tree until soil surrounding a trunk is moist. A large shovel can be used to transfer wood chips or gravel pieces to property surrounding a tree. After wood chips or gravel have been applied, a rake or hand shovel can be used to spread out pieces. Cambridge Landscape or another landscaping business can assist with caring for trees and provide a Tree Service in Arlington for residential and commercial locations.