Removing Blood from a Scene in Sacramento for the Safety of Others

After an incident that involves a death or an injury, a team could be needed to clean blood from surfaces. During blood cleanup Sacramento CA companies provide, proper care is taken so as not to contaminate other areas of the scene and to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading. Here are a few ways that technicians can clean blood without leaving fluids behind.

When technicians arrive at the scene, they will usually want to know how long the blood has been on surfaces as this can sometimes dictate whether or not materials need to be removed or if they can be cleaned with products that the team has available. The team will also want to know how much blood is at the scene because of the number of people who could be needed to clean the fluid from surfaces.

During blood cleanup Sacramento CA companies provide, proper safety gear is worn to prevent the spread of possible diseases and other components that could be in the blood. Coveralls are often worn over clothing as well as goggles, gloves, and a mask.

Cleaning Methods
Even though it seems as though bleach would be good to use for cleaning blood, it’s usually not an option because it can remove the color from surfaces and damage some materials. Technicians will usually clean surfaces before sanitizing to ensure that all of the blood is removed and that the scene is left as it was before the incident occurred. Until surfaces are sanitized, there could be components left behind that are harmful to others.

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