Rely on Smoak’s Comfort Control for AC Repairs in Charleston

The air conditioning system in your home is responsible for keeping you and your family cool and comfortable when the temperatures rise outside. However, if the system is not well-maintained and repaired, issues can arise. For those who need AC Repair in Charleston, contact the experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control right away before the problem gets worse.

Services You Can Count On

No one wants to be caught in the middle of a hot summer day with no air conditioner. The good news is that most AC issues are easy to spot. Some of the most common signs for AC Repair in Charleston are needed include the following:

  • No cool air being produced
  • Reduced air flow from the vents
  • Issues with the thermostat
  • Moisture in places where it should not be
  • Strange sounds and odors

Expert Service and AC Repair

When professional AC technicians are called for air conditioning repair, they will inspect and evaluate the issue with the system in question. This process includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection of all the components of the air conditioning system
  • Performance tests for the AC system
  • System control tests and state of charge
  • Leak testing
  • Dye detection test if necessary

One of the most important things for any homeowner to do is not to wait to call. The fact is that issues that persist and go on untreated will only become more extensive and expensive down the road. When the professional technicians are called right away, they can evaluate the system and make recommendations for repairs or replacement if necessary. If a homeowner has no prior experience with these types of repairs, they should not attempt to do them. It could result in even more damage or injuries.

For those who still have questions regarding whether a particular service is necessary or not, they can call and speak with the professionals from Smoak’s Comfort Control. These technicians can inspect the unit and recommend repair services that are needed. Taking the time to find the right service will ensure that the system is repaired and working properly prior to the technician leaving the property.

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