Reliable Storage Solutions in Louisville

If you are moving to a new residence, either near or far away, you may encounter the need for secure storage solutions. Louisville is served by moving companies that not only deliver the basic relocation services many of us are familiar with, they also provide secure storage options – both for short and long term needs. Before you hire a mover to handle your relocation and storage needs, take a look at some of the service features you’ll want to have.

Access to the Facility
The distance of the storage facility to your new home can matter a lot. This is especially true if you will be accessing items from or delivering items to the facility on a somewhat routine basis. If this is the case, the having convenient access in terms of driving distance is important. It’s also important to know the times in which you may enter the facility to access or deliver items. Make sure those times fit in with your known or expected schedule.

Security Measures
If you take the step to hire a moving and storage solutions provider and are going to use professional storage to house some of your possession, then you want those items to be protected properly. Your facility should offer this protection at a minimum in the form of fire suppression equipment and security alarms.

Space Considerations
Will you have access to the space you based on the quantity and size of the items you intend to stow away. Before you sign up with a storage facility, get an idea of how much space you will need. Or, determine how free you will be to expand your storage space when needed.

Short or Long Term Storage
Many facilities will offer you short and long term storage solutions. You may only need to use the facility for a short period of time until you get some things settled or arranged at your new space. Or, you may need storage for the longer term to house items that do not have a good fit in your new space.

Storage is a key aspect of many relocation projects. It gives moving customers the flexibility they need with their items.