Reliable Drain Cleaning Machines are Plumbers’ Most Important Pieces of Equipment

Every plumbing company is completely reliant on drain cleaning machines. A few blockages of the smaller variety can be removed with hand cranks, but the vast majority of unclogging needs to be done with a portable machine. The smallest companies need at least an all-purpose drain cleaning machine while large operations can have a few in each work van. No matter how many you have, you need to ensure they are going to work for you every day.

Duracable Manufactures the Toughest Drain Cleaning Machines

We understand how vital your drain cleaning machines are to your business and that you cannot go a single day without one. We carefully designed each component and sourced only the best materials to make sure our drain cleaning machines will never let you down. All motors and gearboxes are designed to run continuously with minimal maintenance. Our open spoke and enclosed polyethylene reels can handle the heaviest of cable and will not jam while feeding. The steel tube cases surrounding the machines are practically indestructible and will protect the rest of the components from getting abused.

Duracable equipment has been expertly manufacturing drain cleaning machines in the United States since 1981. We are so confident in our superior machines that all of them are covered with a two-year warranty.

Use the Right Sized Drain Cleaning Machine for the Job

Using an appropriately sized drain cleaning machine for each job can increase your technicians’ efficiency substantially. There is no need for them to haul an 800-pound machine into residential home just to unclog a sink. It wastes even more time and can even damage your cables if an underpowered drain cleaning machine is used for a mainline sewer blockage. There are three basic size categories for drain cleaning machines and, while versatility is expected from many models, it is prudent to use each one for its associated sized job.

  • Sink – The most portable model that comes with a motor can sit nicely on a bathroom counter. This is perfectly sized for small to mid-sized pipes like sinks and shower drains.

  • Upright – This is the most versatile drain cleaning machine. It is small enough to easily fit through residential halls and doorways but it has enough power to handle most residential problems and light commercial work.

  • Sled – Many plumbers favor this because it is the original design. It is the largest motor and can easily dispatch of roots and grease traps in sewers and residential mainlines.

Drain Cleaning Machine Mobility Accessories

When using larger sled and upright drain cleaning machines, transportation can be a hassle. To reduce the strain on your employees’ backs and the damage done to your machine by loading and unloading, we recommend that service vans should be outfitted with loading ramps with winches. This will cut on your worker’s compensation claims and lengthen the lifespan of your drain cleaning machines.

Duracable Manufacturing is known for our incredibly reliable and hard-working drain cleaning machines. Make sure your business always has the equipment it needs to get the job done by putting a Duracable drain cleaning machine in every one of your service vehicles.

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