Regular Septic Tank Cleaning in NJ Prevents Costly Repairs

Homeowners must actively maintain their septic system in order to keep it working properly. Failure to use it properly and have regular Septic Tank Cleaning NJ performed could result in costly repairs. Many people who move to a suburban or rural area from the city have never had to deal with septic tanks before. They relied on a municipal sewer system. Technicians at Accurate Waste Pumping Systems can help them understand how their system works and how to keep it running.

All of the plumbing in the home flows into the septic system. In addition to the toilets, this includes sinks, showers, bathtubs and the washing machine. Pipes carry all of this wastewater into the septic tank. Bacteria in the tank begins to process the waste into basic components. Effective Septic Tank Cleaning NJ requires that the pipes flow freely into the tank and that there is enough bacteria to break down the waste. Therefore homeowners have to make sure that the wrong items aren’t flushed down the toilet or put in the kitchen sink. If a resident uses too much laundry bleach on a regular basis, this can kill the septic tank bacteria.

Bacteria break down the wastewater into three components. They are sludge, water and grease. The sludge falls to the bottom of the tank and the water and grease float the to top. Eventually the water and grease reach outflow pipes which carry them into the leaching field. Perforated pipes with small holes let the water gradually seep into the ground. These pipes are located two to three feet under the yard. Gravel layers below the pipes let the water travel freely. It is further treated by the soil, before it reaches the groundwater.

The sludge just sits at the bottom of the septic tank. Homeowners must call a contractor to perform Septic Tank Cleaning NJ. If this isn’t done regularly, the solid waste will reach higher levels in the tank. Eventually it will reach the level of the outflow pipe. When it attempts to flow through the perforated pipes in the leaching field it will clog them up. This will result in a sewage back up in the home. Toilets won’t flush and sinks won’t drain. Unfortunately it’s too late for Septic Tank Cleaning NJ to remedy the situation. The pipes will have to be dug up and replaced.

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