Regain Mobility With An Orthotics Ankle In Columbus OH

Serious injuries that cause the loss of limbs such as arms, legs, hands. or feet can be very traumatic. Mobility is affected and can lead to a victim being less independent. But, the medical science of orthotics has made great gains in the last decade. Companies such as Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc supply very high-quality orthotics to replace lost limbs. They also custom fit these orthotics to each client to assure comfort and maximum performance. Bracing, orthotic boots, spinal bracing, and cranial helmets are some additional orthotics available.

Who May Benefit From Orthotics And Prosthetics?

People become impaired and in need of orthotics and prosthetics for many reasons including war wounds, traffic accidents, post-surgical conditions, chronic long-term conditions such as Diabetes, MS, MD, CVA, CP, scoliosis, and birth defects. These new medical devices can help give people strength in weakened limbs or have replacement limbs fitted to help them be more mobile. People of all ages, races, and sizes can benefit from increased mobility and independence.

What Kinds Of Orthotics Are Available?

A patient can be fitted with an Orthotics Ankle in Columbus OH, or hip, foot, ankle, and knee, bracing. People who have had traumatic brain injuries or brain surgery can find cranial helmets for protection. There are items of special foot gear such as walking boots, custom shoes, diabetic shoes, and shoe inserts to help people with damaged feet walk better with less pain. People with neck and spinal problems or injuries can find spinal bracing and cervical colors for needed support. Scoliosis victims can get orthoses that help straighten and support curved spines.


When body parts have been removed in operations or lost in traumatic injuries, prosthetics, or replacement limbs can help with mobility and body image. Small prosthetics like partial hands or feet can help with balance, mobility and fine motor movements. Prosthetics can help people get out of wheelchairs and enjoy life more fully. There are prosthetics that give ankle, knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder disarticulation. There are prosthetic arms to replace below the elbow or above the elbow. There are leg prosthetics to replace the leg below the knee or above the knee.

Custom orthotics and prosthetics such as Orthotics Ankle in Columbus OH and other devices are manufactured to fit each individual and then carefully fitted to the recipient. For more information go to Capital Prosthetic & Orthopedic Center Inc. website.