Refrigeration For Restaurant Use

Anyone that owns a restaurant is well aware of the importance of consistent refrigeration. The type of refrigeration and the size depends to a great extent on the size of the business and the menu, commercial refrigeration in California ranges from small reach-in refrigerators and freezers to large walk-in units. To ensure that the business runs smoothly and that fresh ingredients are available when needed, a considerable amount of thought must go into choosing the right equipment.

Purchasing refrigeration for a restaurant:

Perhaps the most important decision that must be made when opening a new restaurant is ensuring the kitchen is outfitted with the right equipment.

When specifying commercial refrigeration in California the major factors include the restaurant concept and the physical space available. If the restaurant is quite small there probably will be no need for a large walk in unit. If the fare being served is based on frozen food then ample freezer space is important. Another issue that must be taken into account is the delivery cycle from the food vendors; those facilities that can expect daily delivery of their meat, seafood and produce will need less in the way of refrigeration that will a restaurant that only gets deliveries on a weekly basis.

Types of commercial refrigeration:

Reach in coolers are usually located in the bar area or at the wait station. These units are quite small and are often used for soft drinks and other basics that don’t come from the kitchen.

Walk in coolers vary in size, they can be as small as a walk in closet or the size of a room. This type of commercial refrigeration is ideal for the storage of large, perishables such as crates of produce, complete wheels of cheese, etc.

When choosing commercial refrigeration in California it is not difficult to get exactly what you need, there is a wide range of equipment available either off-the shelf or custom designed and manufactured.

Commercial refrigeration in California is extremely important when planning a new restaurant or any other commercial facility that has unique refrigeration demands. You are invited to discuss your refrigeration requirements with

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