Reduce Energy Consumption By Using Solar Hot Water in Hawaii

In this age of rising electric bills, it is important to find ways to get this expense under control. Cutting down the amount of electricity that gets used is a start, but many people don’t know how to tackle this task. One option is to reduce the expense of heating water, especially if the home or property owners don’t spend much time using hot water. Unfortunately, the ways to reduce hot water costs are limited. One could opt for an in-line or flash water heater, but it still requires a lot of energy when large amounts of heated water are required. One excellent alternative is Solar Hot Water in Hawaii.

For those that do not know, solar energy systems come in two types. One is a photo-voltaic system that is still pretty expensive to install. The other, more common system, uses solar radiation to trap heat. This collected heat alters the temperature of the water in the collectors, which provides the building with plenty of Solar Hot Water in Hawaii. In some cases, a solar system can provide up to ninety percent of the hot water the residence requires, and maybe all, when the weather permits.

Of course, solar water heating can be a bit costly, but the price is offset by the energy savings. Current estimates range from ten to fifteen years to recover the expense of a solar system, however, the benefits are higher if the property owner needs to heat a swimming pool. Another benefit to solar versus stored hot water is that the water should always be ready to use. Stored systems lose heat when the power fails, but solar heating works as long as the sun shines.

Designing a solar water heating system often depends on the needs of the household. The more people in the home, the more hot water that will be required for bathing and cleaning purposes. This actually eliminates a concern that many people have with solar systems-;too little hot water. One thing to remember is that the hot water system will still require a tank to store the heated water.

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