Receiving Cash for Valuable Items at Jewelery Stores in Colorado Springs

When someone has unwanted but valuable jewelry, this person might consider bringing the items to a pawn shop and trading them in for cash. A better idea is to take these belongings to one of the jewelery stores in Colorado Springs that appraises and purchases necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and other valuables from individual sellers. Appraisers at the store are highly knowledgeable about various pieces and will make the best offer to this customer.

Precious Metals and Gemstones

A store such as David A Zallar Diamond Imports pays cash for these kinds of unwanted valuables and even for loose gemstones. Diamonds tend to be worth the most money, but emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other stones can be brought in for an appraisal. Another point to consider is that gold typically has a market price significantly higher than silver. Nevertheless, the individual is still welcome to bring sterling silver pieces to the store for consideration.

Cash or Store Credit

People also are welcome to trade in these items for cash value at jewelery stores in Colorado Springs and then use that credit to buy new jewelry from the store. This can be an ideal way to afford a new item for oneself or for a gift. There’s not much point in leaving unwanted jewelry lying in a drawer if it has no sentimental value and it will probably not be worn anymore.

Scrap vs. Resale Value

Depending on the piece, the jeweler may only be able to offer an amount for scrap value. In that case, the metal is melted down and used to create something else. The piece is not considered useful for direct sale. In other instances, the item has value for sale as pre-owned jewelry.

The Better Choice

Pawn shops are fine as a place where customers can sell many items for cash. Power tools and electronic devices like used computers and DVD players are examples. However, valuable gold and silver pieces often command more money at a jewelry store that appraises the items and offers money in payment or credit toward a new purchase. The same is true for loose gemstones or stones in a ring or other setting.