Receive Credit Card Payments Online Free & with Confidence

If you’re considering starting your own online business, or have already launched your company’s webpage, you likely understand the importance of payment processing gateways. Merchant accounts through reputable providers allow business owners to receive credit card payments online free of cost. Companies that create workable solutions for merchants often do so with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, in mind. Complying with the PCI DSS is a smart decision for you as a merchant, as it strengthens your reputation and makes you part of the growing solution to online fraud and identity theft.

Why Abide by PCI DSS?
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard benefits merchants, regardless of how small their online or brick and mortar business is. There are a number of reasons why complying with the PCI DSS is helpful to you and your business overall.  For one, Adhering to the PCI DSS gives customers a sense of comfort when purchasing from you, which encourages them to return or spread the word about your company. Choosing not to comply can easily lead to compromised cardholder data. Not only will this abate your hard-earned reputation and cost you customers, but you can end up facing significant legal troubles. Lawsuits, government fines, card issuer fines, and loss of merchant rights are some common negative outcomes you can expect.

Retain Customer Privacy
Naturally, the best way to protect customers’ personal information is to integrate a secure gateway that allows you to receive credit card payments online free of charge. Relying on a company that provides a modernized payment gateway is an intelligent choice if your goal is to comply with the PCI DSS. Providers that offer software designed with the PCI DSS requirements in mind have already done the work for you, and can integrate their gateway with your website easily. Dependable payment gateway providers authorize and process transactions from a number of countries and in various currencies via their secure servers. This ensures that any transactions made through client webpages are completed safely. Secure payment processing software is an excellent way to put both yours and your customers’ minds at ease.

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