Reasons You May Need Auto Ignition Repair in Manhattan, KS

Many people call a locksmith because they’ve locked their keys in their cars, but this isn’t the only lock-related problem that can affect vehicles. Imagine putting the right key into the ignition and having it not do anything! This scenario is more likely to happen the older the car is. Here are a few things you may experience that will motivate you to call a company like Lockworks for auto ignition repair Manhattan KS:

The Key Falls Out of the Lock
This often occurs because of wear to the ignition, so it’s most prevalent in old cars and trucks. Every time the key is put in, a tiny bit of metal is abraded away. After several thousand instances, the ignition hole is worn big enough to make it hard to keep the key in it. This process is made worse if you have a heavy keychain. Ignitions were made to support a few keys, not 20 of them.

While cutting the number of keys on your car-key chain will help keep this from happening as fast, it likely won’t do any good if the ignition is already too loose. A locksmith will need to repair the ignition before it’ll work properly again.

The Ignition Won’t Turn
A number of problems can cause this effect. Cars have an interlock between the ignition, brake pedal, and gear selector to prevent accidents caused by the car starting before you’re ready. Typically, you must put a car in park (or neutral, for manual transmissions) and step on the brake before the ignition will turn. If you’ve done these things and the ignition still won’t move, it could be problem with the interlock.

Another thing that can interfere with the ignition is the key. Many new keys are made with transmitters that signal that they are present. If the ignition doesn’t get the signal, it won’t turn. In this case, calling a locksmith is a better idea than going to the mechanic. Locksmith-centric auto ignition repair Manhattan KS will involve checking both the key and the lock. If the key is faulty, a new one can be provided. When the lock isn’t getting the signal, the relevant part can be cleaned or replaced.

These are just a couple of problems that can affect car ignitions. A qualified professional will be able to repair them and any other such issues.

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