Reasons Why People Seek Help From a Bail Bonds Service in Tyler, TX Even When They Can Afford Bail

Even when an individual or a family can come up with enough money for cash bail, they often choose to work with a Bail Bonds Service in Tyler TX. Paying cash bail can tie up a large amount of money for a long time, which makes the owners of that money feel nervous.

Retaining Their Savings

Without access to their savings, these men and women have lost their emergency fund for the time being. If anything were to happen, such as a major breakdown in a vehicle, they could not pay for the repairs without charging it or taking out a loan. It seems more reasonable to request assistance from an organization like Strike Three Bonds and pay the fee.

Avoiding Borrowing Money

Another possibility, if these individuals do not have enough in savings to pay cash bail, is to get a personal loan or a cash advance on a credit card. The monthly payment amounts may be very difficult to manage, however, especially since these options can have high interest rates.

Preventing the Risk of Forfeiture

In addition, there is always a risk the bail money will wind up being forfeited. That money normally is returned after the case ends even if the defendant is convicted of the crime or agrees to a plea bargain. However, if the defendant runs away, those who paid the bail are out all that money. Sometimes, the defendant didn’t intentionally run away but simply is unreliable. This person might have gone out of town for a few days and totally forgot about a court date. A vehicle breakdown can result in missing a required hearing.

The Arrest Process

Arrests are normally made in two ways. In one situation, law enforcement officials arrive at the person’s home or workplace and make the arrest. In others, the person learns that law enforcement has issued a warrant for his or her arrest. This individual then can make arrangements with a Bail Bonds Service in Tyler TX to post bond before going to the jail voluntarily. Typically, with a bond already posted, the defendant is not detained except, perhaps, for questioning. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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