Reasons Why Kids Require Emergency Dentist Appointments

Most people do not hesitate to see a doctor for treatment when they have a medical emergency. When that emergency involves a child’s tooth, there is sometimes a question about whether treatment is necessary. While every situation is different, it is generally best to seek help from a professional to ensure there is no long-term damage.


A toothache is a valid reason for an emergency kids dentist appointment in Eastvale. That’s because there are many reasons for a toothache, and some of them require immediate attention. Sometimes a toothache is caused by something stuck in between two teeth. The problem subsides once a dentist removes the particle. The cause of tooth pain might be an infection that requires immediate treatment so that it does not expand into tissues. An emergency visit will ensure the problem is pinpointed and treated.

Cracked Tooth

Another common reason for an emergency kids dentist appointment in Eastvale is a cracked tooth. Sports are often the reason kids end up with cracked teeth. Sometimes it’s possible to repair a broken tooth if you retain the part that chipped off properly. This issue is common among kids who grind their teeth or bite down on hard candy. While most people think a cracked tooth is primarily an appearance problem, it is much more than that. A pediatric dentist will provide an exam to determine if any underlying issues contributed to the crack.

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