Reasons Why Forged Aluminium Is Better

Due to the rise in the demand and use of lightweight metals, aluminum products are becoming more prevalent. However, it is becoming clear that forged aluminum is more reliable and has a wider range of applications than casted aluminum.

Forging is a process where metals get molded into the desired shape rather than melted to create it. This forging process imbues the final products with desirable characteristics that are making everyone consider replacing them with forged ones. These characteristics include:

Increased strength

When any metal is forged, the final products are called forgings. Aluminum forgings exhibit similar mechanical attributes to steel forgings. This is because forging is porosity-free since the metals are beaten, crushed, or squeezed to create the final product. As such, the molecules are more compact, and this increases their surface-to-weight ratio allowing the strength of the forgings to exceed typical values.

It’s cheaper

The tooling of aluminum forgings is cheaper than tooling die-cast versions, and the production rate is also faster. As such, from a functional perspective, it offsets the high raw material costs linked to alloying raw material to get the desired results.

Faster lead time

Generally, a typical aluminum forging die can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to be designed and manufactured. Additionally, aluminum forging suppliers are initiating cost-saving techniques to save even more time. Forgers have tooling shops that allow for greater control in the construction, revision, and timely maintenance of dies. This fast time to market is what makes forging so alluring to companies.


In applications where several fabrication options are viable, the cost is a major determinant. However, forging tooling is generally cheaper than casting, and the production rate is higher. As such, it helps offset the high cost of the raw materials required for alloying to get the desired qualities.

The qualities of forged aluminum continue to make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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