Reasons to Use Bark Dust in Beaverton OR

It’s that time of year again when everyone is working on their yards to make them beautiful and enjoyable. There’s nothing better on a warm summer’s evening than sitting back in a lawn chair with a cold glass of lemonade and taking in the pretty landscaping. Sometimes, getting the perfect look is not easy. You want a beautiful mulch to complete the effect. Consider using bark dust in Beaverton OR.

Bark dust is made of scraps from lumber yards and debris such as leaves and limbs. Recycling is always good for the environment, and bard dust is all recycled materials. Bark dust also helps to regulate the temperature of the soil and keeps in moisture, which results in lower water bills. Using Bark Dust in Beaverton OR will also keep weeds out, which means less maintenance. Who wants to waste time pulling weeds anyway? Plus, bark dust looks attractive and gives a nice, finished look to the landscaping.

Consider using bark dust under children’s play structures. It comes in different grades from fine to larger pieces. For a playground area, choose something made from hemlock or cedar so there will be no splinters. A finer grade is better for the children’s areas, as it is much softer. For larger areas, spread the bark dust with a blower. This will make it easier, faster and more evenly spread.

If you only have a few small beds to cover, buying bark dust from your local home improvement store would be most cost effective. You can spread it yourself with a small rake. However, if you have larger areas to cover around trees and larger beds as well as children’s play areas, then visit Red Bark Inc who take care of spreading bark dust. These companies will have all the equipment and bark dust needed to complete the entire yard in no time. It will be more cost effective than trying to buy enough bags and spread it yourself.

In summary, using bark dust will not only save you time and money, but create a beautiful visual effect. Your children’s play areas will be safer as well. It’s good for your trees and plants, and environmentally friendly. What more could you want?

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