Reasons to Seek Help From a Transmission Service in Fort Myers, FL Now

Many people forget how much they rely on their vehicles until something goes wrong and they no longer have the option of hopping behind the wheel and going at will. The best way to avoid this type of the problem is to seek help at the first sign of trouble. Here are some of the more common signs that indicate the need to get in touch with a local Transmission Service Fort Myers FL and take care of the issue before something major happens.

Sluggish Response

In times past, switching from one gear to another was not difficult. In fact, the transmission responded without any hesitation at all. Lately, there is a definite lag between when the driver shifts into reverse and when the car starts to move. Rather than writing it off as a sign of an aging vehicle, take the car to a local Transmission Service Fort Myers FL. The underlying cause of the lag could be something that the team can remedy quickly and easily.

Fluid on the Driveway

There’s fluid in the driveway, and it doesn’t look like oil, brake fluid, or the overflow from the radiator. After a quick test, there is no doubt that it’s transmission fluid on the driveway. Even though the transmission seems to be performing fine at present, locating and sealing the leak must be a priority. Take the car to the shop at once. Doing so will ensure that as the supply of fluid runs low, none of the transmission components will be damaged.

The Passing Gear Doesn’t Work

On city streets, the transmission seems to perform fine. Out on the highway, getting the car to slip into the passing gear is impossible. Even though trips out of town are rare, it pays to find out why the car won’t slip into the proper gear. Failing to take care of the problem now could mean that eventually slipping into other gears will become problematic.

The team at Pam’s Motor City will go over the car carefully and identify everything that needs to be repaired. Working with the customer, it will be easy to prioritize the tasks that must be done, ensure the work is completed properly and have the car ready for the road in no time.

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