Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Spokane

Maintaining beautiful, healthy trees is more than a matter of routine watering. Trees require the dedicated and specialized care of an arborist throughout their life cycles to remain healthy and provide a safe environment for homeowners, their families, and beneficial birds and insects. Read on to find out how a Tree Service in Spokane can help property owners keep their trees looking great.

Soil Evaluation

When planting new trees, it is essential that property owners provide saplings with adequate nutrients to ensure healthy growth. This usually requires soil testing and may require the addition of fertilizer, compost, or other soil amendments. The best way for property owners to tell if an area will provide an ideal location for new tree growth is to hire an arborist for a professional evaluation prior to planting.

Trimming and Pruning

There are a wide variety of reasons that trees might need to be pruned or trimmed, including the health of the trees and the safety of a home’s inhabitants. Arborists understand appropriate time frames for routine pruning and can tell when a damaged or diseased branch must be removed to ensure that it does not cause a safety hazard.

Disease and Pest Management

Trees often suffer from species-specific pests and diseases, which can leave them susceptible to damage and can even place surrounding plants at risk. An arborist will be able to evaluate the overall health of a tree and make suggestions for adequate treatment of pests and diseases, including the removal of damaged branches. This can help maintain the health of the overall landscape and can prevent the need for removing beloved trees.

Tree Removal

No matter how well trees are maintained, there will eventually be a time when acute storm damage, disease, pests, or other conditions will require its removal. A Tree Service in Spokane can safely and successfully remove dead or damaged trees before they fall of their own accord and wreak havoc on a lawn, house, or outlying structure.

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