Reasons to Get Window Tinting in Wichita, KS

Window tinting has far more uses than just adding privacy to cars. It’s actually a great way to lower energy bills and add unique effects to residential and commercial windows as well. Since an energy-saving tint doesn’t have to be visible, many windows that have a coating that appears completely clear. This also makes it so that tints can be used where they would never be expected.

Residential Windows
Many people prefer clear tints for their houses. These coatings are mainly called “tints” because they’re applied in the same way as colored films. A clear tint is used to provide a barrier to UV and infrared solar rays that would otherwise heat up the house and force the air conditioner to work harder. Blocking these rays also help prevent sun-related fading of pictures, furniture, and carpet.

Keeping heat out isn’t always a top goal in a state like Kansas. Therefore, some people have tints applied not to keep heat out, but instead, to keep it in. By setting up the tints so that they reflect infrared heat from indoors back into the rooms, you’ll lower your heating bills without making the house unduly hot during the summer.

Commercial Windows
Colored, mirrored, and frosted tints are more popular for these windows than they are for residential ones. It’s easy to get stunning effects for office buildings and retail stores by using these coatings. Of course, energy efficiency is still a goal when it comes to commercial Window tinting Wichita KS. By choosing the right coatings, you can make a building look stunning while simultaneously lowering its energy usage.

Companies like NorthStar Comfort Services know that people still love tinted automobile windows, so they offer their services for cars as well as houses and buildings. Auto window tinting is almost always visible, and will be an important part of the car’s appearance once it is applied. Therefore, tinting companies make sure to apply it so that it looks as if it was part of the original design.

These are just the main reasons people get windows tinted. Other ones include the addition of custom designs for windows, protection against shattering, and other unique purposes. No matter the reason you want window tinting, visit us website today. You can almost certainly get the exact effect you want for a fraction of the cost of custom-produced glass.

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