Reasons to Consult an Accident Lawyer in Tucson Before Communicating with the Insurer

A person who has been seriously injured in a vehicle accident is released from the hospital and brought home by family. The stress of practical matters is already starting to develop, as the individual will not be able to return to work for quite some time. Since the collision was caused by another driver, the injured person will need to deal with that driver’s insurance company to obtain a settlement. If this seems overwhelming, hiring an accident lawyer in Tucson may be advisable. Handing over the reins to an attorney allows the person to concentrate on recovering instead of all the red tape.

The insurance company may attempt to contact the injured person quickly and may even have a settlement offer to make. An accident lawyer in Tucson typically advises injured people not to answer questions from adjusters or other insurance company representatives without legal representation present. The person may inadvertently volunteer information that could undermine the case. As a rule, accident victims who are trying to work out a settlement with an insurer should never make a recorded statement or agree to a recorded interview without legal representation or, at the very least, a consultation beforehand with a lawyer. People typically want to be honest and helpful, but those qualities can backfire when talking with an insurance claims representative.

The individual may have no idea how much they should actually be paid. At the most fundamental level, a settlement should cover all medical expenses, including future expenses, that are related to the accident. It should also cover lost wages when the person has to take time off work. However, there are additional factors that are often covered in a settlement, and the person may not think to ask for this type of compensation. An attorney with a firm such as Price and Price Law Office may include compensation for emotional trauma in the settlement request, for example. Physical pain and suffering may also be addressed, along with a reduction in quality of life. It can be very difficult for an individual to convince an insurer to take these aspects seriously, but attorneys know effective strategies to do so.