Reasons To Consider A Fire Sprinkler System Inspection In NJ

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Fire and Security

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If you have a fire sprinkler system in an NJ building, you should consider getting an inspection for it. Two primary reasons for inspections include the safety of those in the building and the law. Many times, people are tempted to neglect building safety, because it seems that the building will always be there and provide shelter and security. You may think that after you get the building inspected and move in, you should be done. However, from a safety and legal viewpoint, that is far from the truth.


Under federal and state laws, and probably your insurance company, you have to get systems tested every year. Some insurance plans require it to be done each month. Some state and federal laws may also require monthly testing, depending on the area and industry you’re in. Sprinklers aren’t meant to extinguish fires, but rather, are designed to stop the spread of fires so that when the firetrucks get there, they can use ordinary methods to fight it because it has been contained and is a manageable area.

Fires that are left unchecked to spread are the ones that lead to damage of property and loss of life. This is the primary reason laws are in place for inspections. There are many rules out there, and each building owner may need to muddle through them to ensure they understand the rules and how they apply. However, most companies who handle inspections will understand your needs and can help you make the right choice.


The other reason to consider inspections is that you are providing more safety and security to the occupants of the building. Whether you own an apartment building or have an office building, the people who work or live there need to be protected from fires. For example, if a problem arises and there is fire/smoke in the building and someone dies because the sprinklers weren’t working, you could and probably will be held liable. You could face criminal charges and at the very least, will be required to pay the family restitution. As you can see, sprinklers aren’t meant to be taken lightly, and you should always have the safety of individuals at heart. Getting a sprinkler system inspection in NJ isn’t that difficult and probably won’t cost as much as criminal and civil charges against you.

A fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ doesn’t have to be drawn out and complicated, and it could save lives. Don’t wait to have yours inspected. Instead, visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. today.