Reasons to Choose Professional Garage Door Installation

Homeowners who need new garage door installation in Winter Haven, FL, should always hire professional garage door services. Installing a new garage door isn’t a do-it-yourself type job. This job requires expertise and precision to make sure it’s done right.

Here are four reasons homeowners should always call for licensed garage door services.


Internet videos can’t help homeowners install a garage door. It’s not a task that’s easy and it requires more than one set of hands. Professional installers have years of training and the correct tools to make sure the garage is balanced well.

Correct Parts

Installers always use manufacturer parts to install garage doors. Using subpar parts compromises the door’s integrity. The wrong parts can lead to unexpected breakdowns that cause irreparable damage to the door.


Repairing or replacing a garage door is dangerous. Garage doors are heavy and can come down without warning. Professionals know how to secure doors and prevent these kinds of accidents.


Most new garage doors come with limited warranties. However, warranty protection doesn’t matter if the door isn’t installed by licensed installers. Amateur installation voids warranties and can end up costing homeowners a lot of money in the long run if a defect should happen.

Homeowners do themselves a huge favor when hiring professionals for any repair or garage door installation in Winter Haven, FL. For garage door services in the area, contact Discount Garage Doors Inc. today!

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