Reasons to Choose Off-Campus Student Apartments Near UL Lafayette

Traditional dorms have their benefits, but off-campus student apartments near UL Lafayette offer something special that simply can’t be found elsewhere. If you’re considering this unconventional housing option, consider the following benefits.


Unlike dorm rooms, off-campus student apartments near UL Lafayette are available at all different price points. Since you have control over your own budget and the amenities you’re looking for, the cost of renting an apartment can be much more affordable than living in traditional student housing.

Privacy and Independence

Off-campus student apartments also provide a great deal of privacy and independence compared to standard on-campus housing. You won’t be subject to the same strict rules and regulations that come with living in a dorm, which means you can make your own choices about how to live. Plus, you’ll have much more personal space than you would if you were living in a cramped college dorm room. You can choose how many roommates you want or even live alone if that’s what you prefer.

Location and Convenience

Finally, off-campus student apartments are often located close to public amenities like stores, parks, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This makes it easier to get around town without having to rely on public transportation or college shuttles. Plus, you’ll have more options for finding activities to do on the weekends.

Overall, living off-campus can be a great way to experience college life. If you are interested in learning more about this housing option, University House Acadiana would love to provide you with more information. Visit to get started today.

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