Reasons To Choose Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

There are several different manufacturers of quality plasma cutters on the market. Determining which manufacturer or brand is best for any one company can be a challenge if you don’t stop and consider some of the most important factors.

Within this relatively small market, one name stands out from the crowd. This includes the line of Hypertherm plasma cutters which are used across the country and around the world in all types of industries and applications.

There are a few specific issues to look at when considering any of the Hypertherm plasma cutters on the market. These issues, factors and advantages will add to the value of the plasma cutter and make it a practical, effective and efficient additional your business.

Fast, Accurate Cutting

Plasma is one of the most effective options for cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous types of metals. It uses intense, direct and focused heat that is a product of the ionization of gas by electrical energy.

The plasma actually melts the metal rather than cutting it. Additionally, there is a compressed air system that blows over the area being cut, removing the molten metal and leaving a smooth, even and controlled edge.

Most of the metals cut using a plasma cutter are ready for welding without the need for machining or deburring. This saves not only time but also the cost of these additional operations. This is only possible with a top system that is built with efficiency in mind. Hypertherm systems certainly meet this criteria.

Portability and Options

There are all different types and models of Hypertherm plasma cutters. They will require a power source, which can be any AC power source, including a generator, compressed air and the plasma cutter itself. The portable units are small a compact and can be easily rolled or carried wherever necessary.

These systems can also be mounted with plasma cutter tables for work in any type of shop or facility. They will have the same requirements for operation and all of the systems are designed with operator safety and efficiency in mind. These will typically be CNC (Computer numeric control) systems that offer the operator the ability to quickly convert any design or plan into a file that is readable by the system to create the image on the screen with just the push of a button.

The reputation of Hypertherm is another reason to consider this line of plasma cutters. With a solid reputation built on dependability, durability and quality cutting systems this is a top manufacturer to consider for any plasma cutting system.

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