Reasons Small Businesses Need a Website

It used to be that putting up signage as well as paying for ads and billboards was the way to go if you wanted to promote your business, with big companies spending millions on their marketing and advertising campaigns alone. This often made it difficult for small companies to go against big-budget outfits with bigger pockets.

Then online marketing came along, finally giving small businesses a way to even out the playing field.

Bigger reach

With online marketing, small to mid-size businesses were able to expand their reach, their products or services no longer limited to local markets. With e-commerce sites, online shops were open 24/7 to customers nearly anywhere in the globe. Today, more than 12 percent of the 1000,000 sites that rank with the highest traffic are ecommerce sites, says RJ Metrics.

Rapid response

Another advantage of putting up a site is that it allows businesses to respond to customers quickly. Unlike emails, having a wordpress site allows customers to leave comments and for site managers to respond to these comments speedily. Faster response times have changed the way companies reach out to customers, making communication more human.


The biggest draw of sites for online businesses is the way they allow companies to promote on a much smaller budget. No need to throw around millions just to get the attention of your audience. Sites are a low-cost way of establishing your credibility and branding.

Getting Help

However, not just any site would do. If you’re going to put one up, best to hire WordPress web design services in Knoxville. With the help of a professional, getting that site up and running should be done in no time. No need to worry about fatal site errors killing your sales. An experienced web design company will build and get your site right.

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