Reasons People Hold Onto and Get Rid of Junk Cars in Chicago

People have a variety of reasons for not getting rid of a nonfunctional vehicle. They may plan to get it up and running again one day. They may hold onto it for sentimental value; perhaps it belonged to a beloved parent who has passed away. They may just have never gotten around to figuring out how to unload this vehicle. One day, they understand it’s time to find a company that buys Junk Cars in Chicago for cash. The reasons people finally do this are just as varied as the reasons people hang onto those nonfunctional cars and pickup trucks in the first place.

Sometimes a person gets a bit strapped for cash and starts thinking of ways to raise an extra couple hundred bucks quickly. The old jalopy parked alongside the garage provides an answer. Another individual may have heard a comment from a neighbor or a new romantic partner about the rusty eyesore vehicle parked on the property. This spurs motivation to bring it to a scrapyard such as Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc. with a tow dolly or a flatbed trailer. This type of facility also will send a tow vehicle to the person’s property if that’s more convenient. More cash usually is paid for vehicles that actually run, even if they are not truly functional. A car with a transmission that won’t go higher than second gear is an example.

In a more irritating scenario, the municipality may issue a citation giving the owner a certain amount of time to remove that vehicle. Many municipalities do not allow junk vehicles to sit on properties for extended time periods. Sometimes a neighbor has made a complaint to the officials, and sometimes a law enforcement officer may have noticed the broken-down vehicle sitting in the same spot on the property month after month. After receiving this type of citation, the owner has a few options, such as renting a storage unit for the car or truck, or finding a friend or relative who will allow it to be parked there. Typically, a more reasonable choice is to sell it to a facility that pays cash for junk cars in Chicago.

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